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How do I defragment my C: in Windows XP?

let you know how to defragment C: in WindowsXP Hits:50

How to solve "None of my USB ports are working" problem?

You can go into the Device Manager and delete all items under the Universal Serial Bus Controller and then scan for all hardware changes Hits:40

Windows can not update

When you try to install updates from the Windows Update Web site, from the Microsoft Update Web site, or by using the Automatic Updates feature, you receive a message that states t... Hits:48

How to delete temporary internet files in IE?

It will tell you how to use some steps to delete temporary files Hits:47

How to Fix PC STOP errors

STOP errors and they are associated error codes (i.e. 0x0000001E) most commonly show up during Windows boot. Here i will tell you how to fix. Hits:58

How to Solve the Java Problem?

Please follow these instructions to enable the Sun JRE though your Web browser: Hits:42

How to Fix Virtual Memory Low?

If you still see the dreaded Your system is low on virtual memory message then the first thing to do is make sure your computer is configured to allow Windows to automatically mana... Hits:55

How to Solve "Fax Machine No Working"?

some methods to solve fax machine problem Hits:44

How to Solve "No Sound From Speakers"?

you should make sure that your end is functioning correctly. you should make sure that your end is functioning correctly. First you should make sure that your end is functi... Hits:53

How to solve "Keyboard not Working"?

Obviously, you probably can't type as instructed in some of the steps below. Try using your mouse to copy and paste what you need to type from this post to the field it needs to be... Hits:93

How to fix Common Install errors

When you try to install/uninstall some application/s, you may get warning messages. Here i will tell you how to fix the common Install errors. Hits:48

How to Fix System 32 Errors

System32 is the name of the most important file folder on any given PC that runs Microsoft Windows system. The System32 folder contains a set of subfolders hosting a group of files... Hits:33

How to Solve "HP Printer Won't Print"?

please follow the instructions to solve the printer probelms Hits:25

Shutdown is very slow - Windows XP

When you shutdown your Windows XP computer, it may take more time to complete the shutdown process. Here tell you how to speed up shut down. Hits:31

How to Solve "Mouse not Working"?

It will introduce how to solve mouse problem. Hits:20

How to Solve "Scanner Won't Work" ?

There are a couple of things that could be wrong with your scanner setup: There are a couple of things that could be wrong with your scanner setup Hits:25

Get Rid of Exe Errors

Exe files are executable files used to run programs in Windows. These files have the .exe extension. Svchost.exe, Iexplore.exe, and outlook.exe are a few frequently run exe files i... Hits:63

How to Solve "Computer Won't Shut Down" ?

There are a number of users who are noticing that their PC will no longer automatically power down/shut off without pressing the power off button on the computers. Hits:24

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