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How to Delete Invalid Shortcuts?

---When I delete a file, either to the recycle bin or complete deletion, and then use Norton software, it showed errors like this: "The shortcut 'file name' is invalid. The file may have been moved or deleted." The system must be automatically generating some form of shortcut for my files which are not being correctly deleted at the same time as when I do a file deletion.

Do you have the same problem as above of deleting the shortcuts that show up in a folder search of "Recent Items" but do not exist in the recent items folder?

The computer desktop is not the only location where shortcuts can usually be found. The Windows start menu and the user's documents and settings directory are two additional locations where lots of windows shortcuts can be found. The main problem with these is the fact that they do not get automatically updated if the user decides to move, delete or uninstall the file or folder it is pointing to. This results in invalid or orphaned windows shortcuts on the system.

The invalid shortcut is located in Start menu, Desktop, favorites, history, recent documents, or program files. If you let your invalid shortcut grow over time, your computer may run slower because that too many spaces were taken up. Every time you uninstall an application, its shortcut will still left in your computer unless you remove it manually. However, if you forget or do not know where the shortcuts that related to the application are located, it would be a heavy task for you.

Registry Winner (http://registrywinner.com/download.php) is the best solution to solve this problem. It gives you a comprehensive diagnosis in seconds. The software program can easily deal with invalid shortcuts. It is possible to scan predefined locations on the computer for invalid windows shortcuts or pick folders or drives manually that should be scanned for orphaned shortcuts.

After not more than a few seconds scanning, All invalid shortcuts will be displayed and you can choose whether to delete all or only some of them.

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