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How to Combine Two Files Into One With WinZip?

Combining files makes it easy to back up related files or to send a package of files to someone as an e-mail attachment or by any other type of file transfer. As an added bonus, you can compress the files so that they are smaller and require less space on your disk.

Step1 Open WinZip.

Click on New Archive. (The files that you are planning to combine will be saved into a file called an "archive.") A window will appear.

Step3 Find a box with a name such as "create," and use it to locate the folder where you want to store your archive.

Step4 Name your archive. For instance, if you are combining a letter to your mom and a scanned photograph that you intend to send to her by e-mail, you might name your file mom.zip.

Step5 Now add files to the archive. First, click on the Add icon. A window will appear.

Step6 Move through the folders on your hard drive until you locate the first file that you want to include. Select that file.

Step7 Select the level of compression that you want, if any, from the compression menu. If you compress the file, it will be smaller and will take less space on your hard drive. The files can be decompressed later when you want to open them.

Step8 From the Password menu, add a password if you want one. Passwords are optional.

Step9 Click on Add. You return to the WinZip window. The file you selected is displayed in the window.

Step10 Once again click on Add.

Step11 Select your second file and any other files you want to include. Click Add.

Step12 Close WinZip.

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