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Steps for how to clean laptop screen lcd

As most time people asking about how to clean a laptop screen. As everyone like to regain shine like new laptop screen.

Steps for how to clean laptop screen lcd

Turn off your laptop and if possible also remove the battery. This is for safety issue. And it is easier to find dust on lcd against the dark background.

1. Create solution for screen cleaning
Mix distilled water with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) not more than 50% alcohol. Keep in mind isopropyl alcohol is TOXIC DO NOT DRINK. Commercial screen cleaner contain the same mixture. Even you can try CD/DVD cleaner. Before using any screen cleaner refer manufacturerĄŻs manual for cleaning.

2. now use some spritzer bottle filled with diluted isopropyl. If you apply too much of the solution and it leaves your screen damp, simply wipe off the excessive solution from screen.

3. Now apply mixture to microfiber cloth or cotton cloth, such as an old T-shirt. Microfibre cloths can do better job as it can pick up dust and removing smudges. They will even remove oily fingerprints from a surface without spreading it around and without any additional cleaners.
Paper towel, Tissues or toilet paper will leave fine flakes of paper on your lcd or monitor avoid using them.

The most common type of screen cleaning is dust or stain on lcd screen. moisten the cloth Make sure the cloth is damp NOT wet as excess moisture. Apply light pressure to wipe laptop lcd screen for cleaning and do not apply excessive pressure on screen. It may result in scratches on the surface. It is good idea to move cloth in counter ¨Cclockwise against the screen.

Care for laptop screen cleaning
Do not use ball-point-pen or screwdriver to rub the surface to remove stain.
Do not place mobile or rubber on your lcd.
Touching the screen with fingers will result in oily fingerprints.
Do not expose screen to sunlight for longer time

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