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Animate Individual Objects

For the most part, PowerPoint makes you animate individual objects. A few days ago we showed you how to animate individual parts of a clip art picture all at once. The trick there was to make sure each object was selected before you opened the Custom Animation dialog box.

If you've never animated text in a numbered or bulleted list, you might wonder how you do so--do you animate each bullet point individually or do you select all the pieces of text as you did with the clip art picture? Fortunately, you don't have to do either. As long as your list items exist as individual paragraphs inside a single text box, PowerPoint makes it real easy on you.

To animate individual bullet points inside a text object, just right-click inside the bulleted or numbered list and choose Custom Animation. On the Effects tab, choose an effect (something like Fly From Right, Zoom In, Wipe Down, or Peek From Top are good choices here) and, if desired, a sound. You can choose to hide or dim each previous bullet when a new one appears by selecting an option from the After Animation palette. Next, select a Grouped By setting--the default option is 1st Level Paragraphs. This is the most vital setting with numbered or bulleted lists--be sure to preview the current setting to make sure it works the way you want.

Now, click the Order & Timing tab, and determine when the animation should start--when you click the mouse, or immediately after a certain number of seconds. Finally, click OK when your list is set up the way you want it.


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