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Line up your Layers

If you are working with a series of photographs and you would like to open each photo on a new layer so that you can show progression, below, is a command that will make sure the pixels on each layer are properly aligned.

  1. Open all the photos in Photoshop
  2. Choose File>> New
  3. The New dialog box will now appear
  4. Enter the same pixel dimensions and resolution as your original image series.
  5. Click OK.
  6. A new document will now be created.
  7. Activate the first image in the series.
  8. Shift/click and drag the Background layer over the new document. When a thick border appears around the new document, release the mouse.
  9. The image will now be added as a new layer.
  10. Repeat the above process for all the images in the series of photos.

By holding the Shift key while dragging, the image will snap to the center of the new document and each layer will be perfectly aligned. This will only work correctly as long as the camera's position remained constant.

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