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Will printing in draft mode help me save money on ink?

Yes. You can extend the lifespan of your ink cartridges by adjusting the Print quality setting, which lets you select the print speed and the amount of ink used when printing.

When you're ready to print, open the Printer Properties or Print dialog box, and select one of the following Print quality settings to match your needs:

Fast draft. This setting uses the least amount of ink and prints at the fastest speed. Use it for quick printing and simple black-and-white documents that don't include images or require a professional appearance.
Fast normal. This setting prints faster than the Normal setting and at a higher quality (it uses more ink) than Fast draft. Use it to print informal documents when time is of the essence (like those last-minute book reports) but you need a darker print quality than Fast draft.
Normal. With the ideal balance between print quality and speed, this setting is the best choice for most documents. Use it to print letters, web pages or documents for your files, and other primarily text-focused items.
Best. If you're printing a greeting card or a flyer, you want it to look as professional as possible. This setting provides high-quality results.
Maximum dpi. For the ultimate print quality, this setting is your best bet. It provides the highest quality printing, with the most ink saturation. Because it uses more ink, this setting takes longer to complete a print job than the Best setting, and it uses more memory to get the job done. Use it for printing photos, postcards, scrapbook pages, and other documents that include full-color images.

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