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Why am I being asked to download Flash Player?

Websites that contain Flash content require the Flash Player. A message asking you to download Flash Player comes from either the website you are viewing or from your browser.

Most browsers come installed with Flash Player, so you may already have a previous version of Flash Player installed. You may still need to update to the latest version if the website contains features that require a newer version. For best results, download and install the latest version from Flash Player Download Center.

If there is a Flash Movie object on the page, Microsoft Internet Explorer users will see a window requesting a download of the Adobe Flash Player. This message is a default feature of the Windows version of Microsoft Internet Explorer called Install on Demand. If you wish not to see the window in the future, you have three options:

1.When prompted, choose Yes and install Flash Player.
2.Navigate to the non Flash version of the site, or choose a different website without Flash content.
3.Disable the Microsoft Install On Demand feature in your browser.

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