Have installed Adobe Flash Player but still don't see any Flash content. - Pc Support
Have installed Adobe Flash Player but still don't see any Flash content.

If you are using Internet Explorer for Windows then the problem is most likely the common problems. However, there are other possible issues that effect both Internet Explorer for Windows and other browser and OS versions. The most common reasons that Flash content fails to display are:

3rd Party 'Flash Player' Cleaners

In some cases you may have run a non-Adobe 'fix' for Flash Player permission problems. In some cases these tools can actually cause further Flash Player problems. If you have run any type of registry cleaner or other fix tool Adobe suggests you run the /clean uninstaller discussed in "Safe versions security restrictions when installing Flash Player", then reinstall Flash Player.

Pop-up blockers

A common cause of Flash movies failing to display is the presence of pop-up/ad blocker software that specifically targets Flash content. To find out more about this issue, see "Flash movies do not appear after installing the Flash Player".

Internet utilities blocking Flash Player
Some Internet utilities, such as Norton Internet Utilities, perform functions similar to a firewall and may restrict viewing of ActiveX controls, and in some cases specifically blocking Flash content. You need to ensure that your firewall or utility settings are set to allow ActiveX controls and Flash (SWF) content.

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