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Get Your IE Favorites Protected
: What is "IE Favorites"?

You may have several sites that favor best. Every time when you revisit these sites again, you will have to type the site URL one character by one character. Or just you come across a useful website that you want to browse it again next time, but the site URL is too long and complicated to remember. If there is a shortcut that could simplify the procedures and make you easily access them, which would be a good idea. Yes, it is Favorites (Bookmarks).

With Registry Winner, you can use the "restore" function to get them back and you can also use the "backup" to give your favorites a backup in case of losing them.

How to add websites to your favorites
After you have searched the Internet and finally found a great website that you don't want to lose. Adding the website to your favorites list will keep it in your favorites menu for easy one click access later on.

  1. Open your Internet Explore
  2. Click on the Favorites menu
  3. Choose Add to Favorites. This will open the Add Favorite dialog box. In the name field you can either use the name provided or you can choose to enter your own name for the website. Just make sure that the name is descriptive enough that you will remember which website the favorite link will take you to. Click OK to save the website or webpage to your favorites.
  4. Clicking organize will open the organize favorites dialog box. You can add folders to store similar websites and you can move website links into folders, move sites up or down the list and rename or delete favorites.

In these ways, you have stored the webpage in your favorites which you can easily access to in the future.

How to protect your favorites using Registry Winner

Registry Winner - IE Favorites

  • Open Registry Winner
  • Click Backup & Restore button
  • Click IE Favorites button
  • There will come up a window which displays your favorites. By clicking Restore, you can get these favorites back while clicking backup gives your favorites a backup in case of losing them.
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