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How to Shred The Files which can not be Restored?
: We may meet with such a trouble that there is an important file which you want to delete completely but the pc system can not safely delete it for you. Thus this leaves wide space to others who want to catch your certain privacy and peep your personal matters. In addition, such unused and unwanted files and directories take up a lot of space and slow down your pc speed. So you need a files shredder to protect your privacy and ensure your pc safety.

With three different shredding levels, Registry Winner with files shredder will shred or destroy unwanted files beyond recovery. It completely removes a file or folder or drive information from your computer making it nearly impossible to restore again.

How to do
As how to shred your files with Registry winner, please follow this points:

Registry Winner - Files Shredder

  1. Open Registry Winner.
  2. Click the Scan & Clean button, and then click the Files Shredder button.
  3. Different three shredding levels: quick, safe and thorough. The higher the level you choose, the safer the shredding is.
    1. The quick shredding level is the quickest because it takes 1 overwrite pass. Just click Shred button then any selected item disappears from your system.
    2. The safe shredding level adopts US DOD 5220.22-M standard and takes 3 overwrite passes. Its safety and speed is moderate.
    3. The thorough shredding level is the safest one. It takes 7 overwrite passes but needs more time than the former two.
  4. If you want to shred a file, you can choose Add Files button while if you want to shred a directory, you can choose Add Directories.
    1. Click Add File or Add Directories, there will come up a popup in which you can choose the one you want to shred by right-clicking it and clicking open.
    2. Choose a shred level for your unwanted files and directories at the bottom of the software such as Quick, Safe or Thorough.
    3. Click the button of Shred
  5. Of course, if you are not sure whether shred the selected files or not, you can also give up your choice with the functions of Cancel Files and Cancel All.
    • Cancel Files is used to clear up one of your unwanted shredding files.
    • Cancel All is used to clear up all of your unwanted shredding files.
      Please select them first then click Cancel Files or Cancel All buttons as your need. Thus you give up shredding the selected items beforehand.
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