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What is the Registry and How to Fix the Registry Errors?
: Registry is what windows uses to store hardware and software configuration information, user preferences and setup information on your computer. Basically, much of what goes into or comes out of your computer is noted in the registry.

However, the longer you own your computer, the more errors and invalid entries your registry is likely to have. This leads to decreased system performance and an unstable computing environment, such as system slowdown, freezing, crashing and deadlock.

Only those with a thorough knowledge of computers should attempt to change the registry. If you make a mistake while altering the registry and it isn't backed up, you may lose information vital to the proper functioning of your computer.

Using Registry Winner will help you clean your computer registry painlessly.

The simple procedure is as following:

Step 1: Select Items and Start the Scan

  • Click the Scan & Clean icon in the Main interface of Registry Winner
  • Click the Registry Cleaner icon
  • Select the registry items to scan.
  • Click the Scan Now button

Step 2: Scan and Display
To stop the scan : Click the Stop Scan button.
When the scan is finished, the total errors found are displayed including a list of all identified issues.

Step 3: Select and Remove Errors

By default, all the identified errors are selected for removal. You can view the errors and the location of each, you can modify which of these items are selected, and you can send items to the Ignore list.

To remove all selected registry items: Click the Fix &Continue button.

After you have finished, the results will appear automatically.

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