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What is the Registry?
: The Windows registry is found in Windows 9X, Windows CE, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP and the Windows Vista operating systems. The registry is essentially the catalog or reference source for your computer.

When you attempt to open a program-for example, your word processor-your computer queries the registry to find where the program is stored. The registry contains references to settings and values for the operating system, the programs, user profiles, document types, property sheet settings, system hardware and ports. Basically, much of what goes into or comes out of your computer is noted in the registry.

Only those with a thorough knowledge of computers should attempt to change the registry. Before tampering with the registry, make sure that you back it up to avoid losing any information. If you make a mistake while altering the registry and it isn't backed up, you may lose information vital to the proper functioning of your computer.

However, just like every other part of your computer, your registry needs occasional cleaning and reorganization. Using Registry Winner will help you clean your computer registry painlessly.
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